Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Case Study: A scenario-based form of assessment

I have been lucky to teach in organization communication, which has a wealth of case studies that I can use in my teaching as well as a form of assessment.  Case studies are a key pedagogical tool and form of assessment.  Although I have developed some brief case studies, which may border more on the form of a high level taxonomy (problem-solving or interpretive) multiple choice item, I have seldom had to develop my own case studies.  Also, I have appreciated in faculty development in using technology in the classroom, case study as a form of professional development (see the book, Team-based learning, Michaelson, Fink).

Recently, in working with a group of teachers, I realized that not everyone has access to the wealth of case studies of which I do.  Also, although I have developed some, I didn't really have a guide, template, or framework.  Therefore, this post is to start to do actually that...gather resources in order to develop a practical guide for faculty and teachers to use to develop case studies for their courses, which can be used for teaching or for assessment.

Potential resources:


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Patrice Prusko Torcivia said...

We used the UCSB case method in a Virtual Term Abroad collaboration between students in NY and Panama and the Dominican Republic. While the cases are not recent they are still topical and provided for great cross cultural discussions.
"You are welcome to download or print, distribute, and teach these cases, giving credit for authorship, of course".

Prof Juice said...

Awesome! Thanks, Patrice!