Monday, August 15, 2011

Open Education Resources from David Wiley @opencontent

When teaching online or blended, we often feel the burden of being the author of our content.  When moving to a digital or mediated environment, the amount of work to covert our content is overwhelming.  These days, we do not need to author all of our content.  We can look to Open Education Resources (OER) to re-purpose open content for use in our courses from videos and lectures to actually learning activities and modules.

In February at the ELI conference, I was lucky to hear David Wiley's Keynote.  It was an early morning key note (and everyone knows I am not a morning person), but he was very humorous, entertaining, AND had a wealth of resources -- keys to a good 8am key note talk!!

Here are some of those resources:

OER Commons
MIT Opencourseware
Open course Library
Utah State Opencourseware
Berkeley webcasts
Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Melon
Flatworld Knowledge
OpenCourseWare Consortium
Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources

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